Never Not Media

Danielle and Laura are making podcasts in New York City.


Laura and Danielle met in 2014 as coworkers in the digital media department at a TV network in New York City. Now they make podcasts together and text about memes.


Danielle Savoy is from the OC (don’t call it that). She has degrees in English and media studies and now makes YouTube videos for a television network. She loves her terrible cat named Kitty, the New Jersey Devils’ left winger Miles Wood, and hourlong Vine compilations, and while she hasn't believed in breakfast for the last 30 years, she does find joy in eating lunch at 4 p.m.

Laura Reineke is originally from northwest Ohio but she fled to NYC as soon as she could. She went to school for journalism and now works as a copywriter and social media strategist for an insurance startup. She likes blooper reels, musical theater, color-coded spreadsheets, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and her sweet soft cat, Toast.




You Can't Do That (2018-present) is a weekly hockey podcast in which four women with more opinions than information (and LOTS of feelings about the Washington Capitals) joke and yell about their favorite miserable ice sport. Listen here, stream on Spotify, or subscribe on your favorite podcatcher.

“A wonderful, zippy sugar rush of love, friendship, and shared enthusiasm for large slabs of men. Listening to this is like being invited to the Cool Kids’ sleepovers, if the Cool Kids were four horny women who I also wanted to be my moms.”
- Elle N.




The Official Project Runway Recap Podcast (2016-2017) offered a witty weekly digest of all the fashion feats (and faux pas) during two seasons of Lifetime's award-winning fashion design competition show.